Discovering an Antimalarial Drug in Mao’s China
2024. Asimov Press. DOI:10.62211/81bp-06ft
Chinese scientists discovered artemisinin in 1971 as part of a secret military project that merged Eastern and Western medicine

Neuroscience Informs Design. Now What? Towards an Awe-inspiring Spatial Design
2019. Conscious Cities Anthology 2019: Science-Informed Architecture and Urbanism. DOI:10.33797/CCA19.01.19
Design guidelines informed by the neuroaesthetics of awe

Primordial Vision: 02021
2021. ecodao.
On seeing before categorization

An Artist in Crypto
2022. Reboot.
Conceptualizing art through attention and intention


Making Sense of Icy Times: Early Cold War Science in Alaska and the Founding Years of Arctic Research Laboratory
2023. Undergraduate Thesis
Winner of Horace H. Wilson ’25 Senior Thesis Prize in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology, Princeton University.
Cold War polar imaginations, scientific practice in extreme environments, and how two biologists studied frozen life

Hybrid Times, Hybrid Natures
Mammoth de-extinction, history of catastrophic thinking, and the new nature-technology relationship

Playing and Collecting Universal Histories
On the shape of historical knowledge from a Victorian board game

Forward, to the New Arctic Sublime
What happened to the Arctic sublime in the late 19th century?