Networked Worlds Research Memo

collaborative research
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Featured projects:
Morphogenic Angels: Chapter 1 by @_keiken
Post Office by @post____office
Waluigis Purgatory by @dmstfctn
Special Fish by @expression_and_sites
Into The Void by @limboaccra
The Orfelia @theorfelial
LIOS Labs @lios_labs
Open Spring by @zzyw000
Tale of the Mammoth Goddess by @wendiyan
When We Love by @hotemogf

Co-matter team:
Ciara O'Shea @cicicici_oooo, production
Kesia Inkersole @kesinkersole, research & open call lead
Nelya Rosa @nelyarosa, research & ideation
Paloma Moniz @palomasmooch , visual identity
Riccardo Righi @riccardorighi, Vreni Knoepfler, design
Nick Houde, Alice Sweitzer @pearlywhites___ , editing
Severin Matusek, research lead & creative direction
Project Introduction by co--matter

Research memo on worlding as a creative strategy in the early 21st century.

What is worlding? 

Rather than escaping into imaginary universes, worlding has become a vital strategy for artists and creatives to experiment with alternative futures and render the conditions of the present visible in order to change them.

The 60 page, free-to-download memo is a journey into 10 worlds that use a variety of formats and technologies – from AI to blockchain to photogrammetry, 3D engines and ancient rituals – to prototype new models for creating reality.

Worlds are futures we can believe in.

The projects were selected from an Open Call, hosted by @WeTransfer earlier this year, that resulted in more than 380 submissions from around the world. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work!

Networked Worlds is the third part of Networked Culture, a series of publications in collaboration with @WeTransfer that explore the effects of networked technologies on the creative process.