go in a specified direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.

At the heart of Wendi's inquiries is a curiosity towards the "scientific self," and how it changes from the deep past to the far future. As objectivity and selfhood shift through time and culture, what has been enlisted into the epistemological project of charting and configuring heaven and earth? Specifically, Wendi is curious about how the scientific self will change through decentralization and deprofessionalization of sciences, as well as experimental practices outside the bounds of the laboratory, at the planetary scale. 

Wendi (b. Beijing) builds research-based worlds through game engine, film and sculptures. Inspired by folktale traditions, Wendi brings historical storytelling to future-oriented simulations, making art as constructive philosophy and critical belief. She strives to mold mythological companions for coping with contemporary disorientations around technology and history. 

Wendi holds a Bachelor’s degree in History of Science from Princeton University, where she won the Horace H. Wilson ’25 Senior Thesis Prize in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology. She has been supported by Arctic Circle Artist & Scientist Residency, Cosmos Ventures and the Ethereum Foundation. Her work has been published by WeTransfer, Wallpaper, Coeval Magazine, the Next Nature Network and Asimov Press. Currently based in LA, she is an inaugural member of the Steve Jobs Archive Fellowship (2023-4).

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