Mammoth Technology Manifesto

A mammoth technology is a trickster of linear time.

It takes on forms and materials that are familiar, yet arises out of an alien spirit.

Its existence presumes and proves the existence of other technology philosophies.

It grows in dark and damp places, in crevices and caves.

It does not beg for attention. Only those with an open ontology may discover its existence.


Mammoth technologies are everywhere in the world. They went extinct a long time ago. They are being revived. They exist in pieces underneath the soil all around the globe. Every civilization arose out of a world of mammoth technologies.

They are not concerned with being real: whether they existed in the past, are practiced in the present, or will be realized in the future. They draw images that defy the linear idea of progress.


Mammoth Technology is a theory and practice of esoteric progress.

Through MT, practitioners emancipate the modern people from the existing paradigms around the perspective of progress, which is also always about a view of history, which always influences the actions and decision-makings of today.

MT is not merely magical thinking, but beyond analytical methods.

MT is not merely the unknown, but the unknowable. 

MT is a state of intentional illusion, intentional chaos, intentional dreaming, of ways of knowing.

MT is the black spot in the white swirl of the Taiji diagram, the diagram of supreme polarity. It is the shadow to the bright light of progress, but it also loves and cares about progress.

MT is practicing science on historicity. It is performing scientific surgery on the formation of history.

Mammoth Technology is probably modernity staring back at itself.