researching & writing stories of science in the past

Forward, to the New Arctic Sublime: Scientist-Explorer Fridtjof Nansen and the Arctic Myths
Junior Independent Work #2
Spring 2022

Hybrid Times, Hybrid Natures: De-Extinction and Our Entrance to a Postnatural Order
Spring 2022


Eclipses of Truth: The Han Heterodox Scholar Wang Chong’s Quest for Shi
Junior Independent Work #1
Fall 2021

Cycles of the Body and Alchemical Diagrams in Chinese Medicine
Fall 2021

NFT and the Dawn of Our Tokenized World
A project investigating the value construction of NFTs and the rising role of tokenziation in our society.
collaborator: Miguel Opeña
Spring 2021
speculative exhibition
description of exhibition design

The Self-less Heaven and Hell: Comparing the no-self experiences in Depersonalization Disorder and Buddhist meditative practices
Fall 2020
I study history of science at Princeton, where I have been exploring how (proto)scientific ideas have fundamentally shaped how we make sense of the world. I am particularly interested in the circulation between scientific ideas and fiction/models/art/myths.

Fall’22 courses:
Science and Its Fictions in the Long Nineteenth Century with Rachel DeLue
Things with Graham Burnett
Ottoman Empire with Molly Greene

History of Ecology and Environmentalism with Erika Milam
Critical Approaches to HCI with Janet Vertesi
Space History with Michael Gordin
Medicine and Society in China with He Bian
Technology and Society with David Reinecke
History of Psychiatry
with Katja Guenther
History of Contemporary Science
with Michael Gordin