Wendi Yan    about    NFTs    “Let's absurdify life, from east to west. Let us play hide-and-seek with our consciousness of living.” (Fernando Pessoa)  

Wendi Yan primarily works as a new media artist. She utilizes 3d game art software, video, projection and installation to create immersive experiences. Inspired by topics in neuroscience, religion, computer science and architecture, Wendi looks into the boundary of the ego and explores human’s relationship with their ideal self. Based on nonlinear storytelling, her work constructs speculative worlds that interrogates the solidity of the self consciousness.

Wendi Yan (b.1999) currently studies at Princeton University where she majors in History of Science and minors in Architecture and Engineering and Visual Arts

Wendi loves exploring all the possible spaces that welcome her technical and academic backgrounds. She is proud to have worked on the web book for the Qualia Research Institute on consciousness research, for which she did UI design, logo design, and illustrations. Two things that she really wants to do in the near future: collaborating with musicians on live shows (projection, VJ, etc), and art directing a game.

In a world without the existing academic and professional disciplines, Wendi would like to call herself a speculative architect and a historian of the future.



颜文笛对探索一切需要她的艺术和学术背景的领域都感兴趣尝试。她最近最骄傲的一个合作是Qualia Research Institute关于意识研究的网页书——她负责这个项目的全部UI设计、logo设计和插画。她最希望在不久的将来去尝试的两件事情:和音乐人合作现场表演(投影或vj),做一个游戏的艺术指导。


︎︎︎ Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, Illustrator, Xd, Maya, Blender, Lightform projection mapping

︎︎︎ Unreal Engine 4, TouchDesigner, Substance Painter

︎︎︎ Rhino, Substance Designer & Alchemist, Houdini, Processing, Max/MSP, Ableton

English, Mandarin, Latin, Java, R

Clifton Strengths top 5:

value openness, spontaneity & adventurousness

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