This Jewelry Exists

Virtual jewelry proving the existence of the non-existent (AI-generated) people, that you can try on

The Twitter account @wedontexisthere posts photos of realistic human headshots generated by an AI algorithm. One of the only ways to recognize these images from real human photos is the asymmetrical, and sometimes utterly nonsensical, jewelries that emerged out of the machine learning algorithms’ blindspots.

In this project, Wendi turns several sets of these glitch jewelries into 3D models that humans can wear through AR filters. As a playful response to what many may call uncanny images, This Jewelry Exists proposes a more collaborative attitude towards ML algorithms in creative endeavors: one that respects and pays tribute to the algorithms’ creativity.

N. 1

Adina Reeve
37 yrs
Huambo (Angola)


N. 2

Lalita Cleary
19 yrs
Basel-Stadt (Switzerland)
In a 'sugar' relationship.


N. 3

Aphrodisia Thorne
23 yrs
Los Olivos (Peru)
In a civil union.