developed with support from FIBER Weaving With Worlds, arts letters & numbers.

In a post-anthropocene world, the boundary between nature and technology dissolves, and humans thrive in symbiosis with natural technologies. Inspired by breakthroughs in mycology, technologists cultivate highly adaptable and ultra-connected natural technologies. Individual humans wear graphene tattoos and fungal facewear for radically personalized biometric data self-tracking.

In the Anthropogenic world today, technology consumes humans, humans destroy nature. Myco-Cosmotechnics speculates a heterotopia where technological systems are developed out of fungal mechanisms. Through this series, the artist asks: how can mycology illuminate aesthetics and cosmotechnics of the future? Can we take ourselves out of the technological philosophy from the Anthropocene, and construct a new ontological structure for “technology”, “nature” and “human”?

installation view @ arts letters & numbers summer show