Looking At You


interactive web film
TouchDesigner, Blender, Unreal Engine 4, photogrammetry

Looking At You is a web experience about the artist’s inner journey with the particular loneliness augmented by the ongoing pandemic and increasing hostility between the two nations she considers home. Combining 3d modeling, experimental video, animation, projection and text, Wendi made a web “film” that chronicles the questions she’s been asking herself and the reconciliation she reached towards the end of her residency and her time quarantining alone: “how have my escapist activities intensified my loneliness? How can I stay connected with reality if I am only interacting with others through screens? What do we do if it is fundamentally impossible for humans to feel complete empathy for others?” Looking At You was created alongside nights of musings on these questions. Through this short experience, Wendi invites the audience to join her in thinking about loneliness in this isolating time, and she hopes this work could help some feel a bit less alone.

For a better experience, the artist recommends you open the project link at night on a laptop or desktop.