Most unforgetble journeys

fall of 2017 - May 2019



  • 🤯️
    The Lathe of Heaven [Ursula le Guin] 
    to think you know the key to positive social change is a disastrous ignorance

  • 🤯️
    Myth of the Eternal Return [Mircea Eliade]



  • 🤯️
    Wake Up Earth Retreat at Plum Village
    breathe. it’s a great thing to have personal problems to work on, as i will learn to grow into a better person.

  • talk by Keith Sawyer
    lucky people are creative; all creative processes follow a zig-zag path.

  • 🤯️
    meeting amazing, amazing people at Envision

  • 🤯️
    talk by Paul Steinhardt on his adventure of finding quasicrystals
    no rejections should stop your curiosity.

  • talk by Merritt Moore
    perfect means sameness; sameness means being replaceable


  • building a pop-up arch consisting of dozens of cardboard boxes in my high school’s assembly building

  • week-long trip to DC & Gettysburg + researching soldiers died at Gettysburg [+]
    even primary sources can be brutally wrong; history is an inevitable fiction striving to near the asymptote of reality.

  • studying Interior Architecture at Parsons Open Campus

  • 5 days hiking & camping in the Appalachian Trail with 9 other students

  • Live Meditation with Bob McFerrin & Gimme5

  • talking to Nobel Chemistry Prize winner Frances Arnold
    people should try everything they want to do, so that they live in a big world and keep themselves fearless, not afraid of being different.

  • ❤️
    solo ice skating @ Bryant Park

  • interviewing/auditioning for a Chinese reality show

    (post audition dinner!)

  • ❤️
    putting ~70 Santa hats onto sculptures, lamps, & trees of Princeton with my friends, dancing to Christmas Trap music

  • sledding on the ice of Summer Palace on the first day of 2019 with my family

  • ❤️
    watching my friend’s friend gather all the necessary ingredients (including 12 apples) from dining hall to make apple pies and whipped cream. He was just visiting my friend for two days

  • having an indoor picnic with my friends in the room with most beautiful view on cmapus, on the day before all final papers were due

  • two courses in particular: History of Contemporary Science by Michael Gordin and Introduction to Architectural Design by Paul Lewis and Annie Barrett -- they both changed the way I view the world