of Science

I concentrate in History of Science at Princeton, and I am very much still under training for this aspect of my identity. 

Nonetheless, I thought sharing some of my research here “exposes” more of myself that’d help me learn and grow. I treat this page as just another set of specific indicators of my interests, that influences and is influenced by my creative practice.

If you find any of the topics below intriguing, I’d love to chat and exchange thoughts and readings!
Current courses:
Space History with Michael Gordin
Medicine and Society in China with He Bian.

Technology and Society
History of Psychiatry
History of Contemporary Science

Prev research projects:
The Self-less Heaven and Hell
Comparing the no-self experiences in Depersonalization Disorder and Buddhist meditative practices

Fall 2020


NFT and the Dawn of Our Tokenized World
in collaboration with Miguel Opeña

A project investigating the value construction of NFTs and the rising role of tokenziation in our society.
Spring 2021

[speculative exhibition]
description of exhibition design]