︎︎︎An Artist in Crypto Reboot’s newsletter

︎︎︎Prosthetic Reality V2
world’s first AR NFT book
Nov ‘21

︎︎︎Primordial Vision: 02021

art and essay for ecodao
Oct ‘21

︎︎︎A Dream Hotel with Carsten Holler
collaborative project at MIT Media Lab
︎︎︎Atlas Futura - Gitcoin RFP
proposal of a cosmotechnicists guild
Sep ‘21

Selected Projects

︎︎︎Cerebral Cybernetics, Inc.
3D game about a brain shopping for cognitive enhancement items
︎︎︎Crypto Wonderland 2051
speculative exhibition on the rise of the NFTs
︎︎︎Towards An Awe-Inspiring Spatial Design
neuroaesthetics research paper



- where are the boundaries of the ego and selfhood?
- how do individuals make sense of their selves in relation to a collective?
- how will future technologies illuminate or threaten our perception of our personhood?


︎︎︎nothing I touch doesn’t become a part of me
︎︎︎monkeys imitating god

go in a specified direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.


next stops

Puebla, Mexico. Arquetopia Honors Alumni Residency.
May ’22
Svalbard. Arctic Circle Artist & Scientist Residency.
June ’22