I have three main creative personas: speculative architect, qualia tinker, and documentarian. I’m also being trained as a historian of science.

With all these personas, I have always been asking questions around the boundaries of the ego and selfhood, what it feels to be a “me”, how individuals make sense of their selves in relation to a collective, and how layers of identities are constructed and grasped.

A few of my projects include:

a 3D game about a brain shopping for cognitive enhancement items in a liminal state between life and death

a speculative exhibition on the rise of the NFTs, set in the year 2051

a neuroaesthetics research paper on the visual elements of awe-inspiring architectural spaces


︎︎︎ Entangled Selfhood

︎︎︎ Posthuman Technologies

my current research interests: 
updated 09/07/21

︎ mythologies, cosmologies, and space programs
︎ landscape of synthetic biology
︎ web3, the digital commons, innovative NFT projects
︎ fungal technologies

reading/just finished: Debt: The First 5000 YearsAtlas of AI, The Language of LifeArchaeologies of the FutureDigital Cash, Economic Science FictionsMetazoa, these articles (with notes)

Let’s absurdify life, from east to west.
Let us play hide-and-seek with our consciousness of living.
(Fernando Pessoa)

verb. go in a specified direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.