Cerebral Cybernetics, Inc.

3D game


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At Cerebral Cybernetics, Inc. you have a chance to create a better life for yourself. Not everyone starts at the same place, but you may as well do what you can to get ahead. 

Within the walls of Cerebral Cybernetics, Inc., you will view and purchase cybernetic enhancements that are backed by scientific research. In doing so, you may choose how you will live the life you haven’t even begun yet. Will you enhance your chances or leave it up to fate?
collaborator: Matt Trotter

Cerebral Cybernetics, Inc. is an interactive 3D environment where players navigate through a shop for fictional cybernetic enhancement products. Items range from beauty products for brain lobes, to more advanced technologies for modifying the size of one’s amygdala. Each player is given a set amount of balance that doesn’t allow them to purchase every item -- now the question is, what do you buy or not buy with a limited budget? Each product is provided with a description of its functions and side effects. And upon each entry to the game, the player is given a different amount of money that would influence their shopping experience.

Cerebral Cybernetics, Inc.
challenges the players to generate their own stances on cybernetic enhancement, cyborg technologies, and human’s long quest for perfection and transcendence.

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